Premium Large Box Kit with Lock – and Bamboo Wood Combo, 2 100 mL Airtight UV Jar, Charcoal Bag, 2 Discreet Odorless Resealable Bags

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  • All Inclusive Locking Large Box Combo – Duido’s Kits include a premium quality Large Wood Box with Lock, 1 Magnetic Wooden Rolling Tray, 2 UV Glass Smell Proof Jar (100 mL), 2 Odorless Resealable Bags, 1 Odor Proof Charcoal Bag, 2 Convenient Keys, 1 wood packer, 3 Cool Stickers for Customization; Our exclusive stash boxes feature extra spacious compartments measuring 11 inches Long, 8 inches Wide, 3.40 inches Tall
  • Premium Quality & Durable Bamboo Box Patented (D907,923)– Our Eco-Friendly Herb Box offers odorless herb storage solidly crafted from 100% premium quality natural bamboo with a thick construction to ensure durability; We also include 3 cool stickers that will give your rolling kit a personal touch and 8 magnets to keep it tightly closed yet easily opened; Our rolling tray box smell proof set has a protective bottom cushion to ensure your accessories are secure even if dropped
  • Airtight & Smell-Proof UV Glass – Duido’s Airtight Smell Proof Container and Travel Friendly Bags trap smells inside preventing it from transferring to bags, pockets or any surface while regulating moisture to preserve freshness and longevity of herbs; The dry herb storage containers included in our smell proof box with rolling tray are made using UV light filtering technology to block light to preserve flavor and nutrients of the contents inside
  • Premium and Elegant Rolling Tray – Our smellproof box includes a convenient rolling tray with an opening for easy cleaning of the contents used and a comfortable size measuring 10.25 inches Long and 7.1 inches Wide
  • Ultimate Privacy and Discretion – Our smell proof lock box comes with a privacy key lock and 2 keys for multiple users or to keep a spare one offering utmost protection; The elegant and discreet design of our wooden lock box is adequately sized to store all your chill essentials while decorating or blending in any room; Our hidden box is also the ideal gift; We ensure that our herb boxes wooden set will meet your expectations if not just contact us.