Bamboo Skewers Toothpicks for Appetizer Picks –3.5 & 7 inch (Pack of 1000) Wooden Cocktail Skewers and Bamboo Toothpicks for Bloody Mary Skewers Appetizers Food Garnish Sandwich Fruit Kabobs Drinks

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  • 1000 COUNT COMBO VALUE PACK – Duido’s 1000 Bamboo Skewers Pack includes 500 Long Bamboo Skewers (7 inches) and 500 Short Skewers (3.5 inches); These food and appetizer skewers are a must-have for cooking and serving at any catering event, barbeque, restaurant, buffet, banquet, picnic and more; Our long wooden skewers for grilling have a sharp end for easy food piercing and a ‘handle’ for improved holding capacity; The natural design of our wood skewers adds an elegant touch to food presentation
  • ECO FRIENDLY FOOD-GRADE NATURAL BAMBOO – Our premium quality bamboo sticks bulk set is made with 100% natural bamboo that is environmentally friendly, splinter-free and will not leak chemical substances or wood flavor into food; The strategic design of our bamboo paddle skewers features an oar-shape side for a safe stable hold in the heat while the other end has a sharp edge for quick food piercing; Unlike metal skewers for grilling, these grill skewers wood set are disposable for quick clean up
  • MULTIPURPOSE & HEAT RESISTANT – Our Bamboo Stick Combo Set features 7 inch Long Kabob Skewers perfect for cooking or serving Satay, Fish, Steak, Chicken, Vegetables, Hot Dogs, Fondue as well as 3.5 inch Appetizer Picks for elegantly serving Kebab Sticks, Cheeses, Fruit Skewers, Chocolate Fondue Fountain Toppings, Tapas, Hors D’Oeuvres, Finger Foods and more; The 7 inch Bamboo Picks can be used in the Grill, Oven or Fryer but must be soaked in water for at least 30 minutes prior to using them
  • IDEAL FOR ANY OCCASION – Our fancy toothpicks for appetizers will add a stylish touch to every party, wedding, holiday, catering event or even for daily use; Make it easy for guests to pick up food while using these food skewers for fruit kabobs and more; Our large bamboo sticks for crafts or small wooden sticks for food can also be used for painting with adult supervision; These arrow skewer sticks for fruit and food are an essential item for party supplies, restaurant or catering supplies
  • ELEGANT FOOD PRESENTATION – Whether you are serving or cooking food, our flat toothpicks are essential for a stylish presentation and convenient mess-free grilling; These sturdy cocktail toothpicks will not bend or have splits; We ensure that our long shish kabob skewers and mini skewers for appetizers set will meet your expectations and offer returns; Contact us if you have issues with our kebab skewer set and we will ensure you are satisfied while using our martini picks or apple sticks

Whether you need party skewers for appetizers, extra long toothpicks for grilling, fruit skewers, BBQ sticks, fondue sticks or cocktail skewers – Duido’s Bamboo Skewer Combo Pack is a must-have for all your elegant and casual events!

Each Bamboo Skewers Bulk Set Includes:
500 Large Toothpicks (7” Long, 4 mm Wide)
500 Small Skewers for Appetizers (3.5” Long, 4 mm Wide)

Each high-quality kabab skewer is made with natural bamboo that is eco-friendly unlike plastic skewers for fruit kabobs. We also ensure our bamboo cocktail picks will not transfer any wood flavor into food. Unlike kebab skewers stainless steel sets, these wide skewers are disposable for a quick clean up. Our wooden skewer features a paddle shape on one end for a safe hold in the heat while the other end has a sharp edge for easy food piercing

Our 7 inch kabob skewers grill sticks can be used in the Grill, Oven or Fryer if soaked in water for at least 30 minutes prior to using them. Use these ideal kabob grilling sticks for cooking Satay, Fish, Steak, Chicken, Vegetables, Hot Dogs, Fondue and more

Duido’s versatile wood skewer can be used as sandwich picks, bar picks, fruit kabob skewers, drink skewers, BBQ stick or barbeque skewers, hors doeuvres picks, burger holder, brochetas stick, grill stick, bloody mary skewers, garnish picks, cupcake picks, steak markers, shiskabob skewers, cupcake topper sticks, bamboo knot picks, cake topper sticks, martini olive picks, cheese markers, city chicken sticks, corn dog skewer long, kid skewers or fun food picks for kids, caprese skewers, tapas toothpicks, chocolate fountain sticks, antipasto skewers

We ensure that our appetizer toothpicks will meet your expectations and offer returns no questions asked. If you have issues with our screwers sticks, contact us and we will ensure you are satisfied while using our Cooking Stick and Mini Paddle Food Sticks Set