Kids Placemats for Dining Table Kit, Include 6 Educational Table Mats 16.5" x 12" and 6 Coasters for Drinks 4"x4"

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  • PERFECT SIZE: This kids placemats kit include 6 kids placemats for dining table with educational designs and 6 adorable and colorful coasters that will keep little ones entertained while eating. With a generous 16.5" x 12" surface area, toddler placemat can hold anything your baby may need in their mealtime. 4"x4" colorful coasters that come with placemats for kids will safely hold your baby's cup. Toddler placemats for dining table are the perfect size for taking with you anywhere!
  • COMPLETELY SAFE: These placemats for children are made from a durable, premium plastic material that will last for years. The toddler table placemat food-grade material is completely safe for kids of any age. This placemat for kids is a great way to protect your child from harmful chemicals and food allergens that can be presented on different surfaces. Toddler placemats have an odorless, non-porous, and non-toxic surface that makes them perfect for any food or beverage!
  • EDUCATIONAL DESIGNS: These educational placemats for kids are perfect for any child who loves to learn. The learning placemats for kids 6 educational designs include pictures of animals, fruits and vegetables, colors, numbers, alphabet, and shapes to keep your little one engaged. Unique combinations of 6 kids educational placemats and 6 coasters for drinks will create a variety in your child's routine that will keep them amused every day.
  • WASHABLE & REUSABLE: You can count on our kids placemats non slip material to protect your child's table from the mess they make! As kids eat and spill food, this eat and learn placemat will keep everything clean. Kids reusable placemat is easy to clean, simply wash it with soap and water! With a special toddler placemats non slip texture that has anti-scratch protection, you can be sure boys placemat will look pristine for years.
  • HELPS BRAIN DEVELOPMENT: The placemats kids kit is an excellent way for kids to have fun, learn new things and develop their brains at the same time. Coordination, fine motor skills, and problem-solving abilities are all improved by using our ABC placemat. This alphabet placemat is perfect for encouraging creative thinking and imagination in your kids with our colorful designs. Our fun placemats for kids are also great for developing your child's attention span and memory.