Decorative Sand Timer Clock Hourglass –with Balance Physics Motion Desk Toy Sculpture –(Light Gray) 60 minute Productivity Hour Glass Sand Clock Timers for Office, Home Kitchen Desk Decor Pomodoro

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Budgetizer's Sand Hourglass Timer is the perfect tool to relax and improve productivity.

Bundle includes:

  • 60 minutes sand Hourglass.
  • 1 Perpetual Motion Desk Toy for ultimate relaxation.
  • Includes Relaxing Motion Swinging Sticks Desk Toy – Our exclusive Hourglass Timer bundle includes 1 Large 60 minute hourglass with sand and 1 stress-relief Balance Motion Desk Toy. Budgetizer hour glass with sand is ideally sized measuring (8”H x 4”W) inches and the perpetual motion physics desk toys measure (7.1”H x 6.5”W) inches.
  • Increase Productivity – Budgetizer’s Hourglass Sand Timer features a time management tool to help you increase efficiency and stay focused by keeping track of 60-minutes work intervals. Our productivity timer could help achieve big goals easily by breaking down your goals and measure them with sand timers intervals.
  • Premium Quality Wood With Non-slip Bases –Our sand clock is made with clear high-quality Borosilicate Glass and delicate fine sand ; Each sand watch also includes elegant wooden stands with scratch-free and non-slip felt bottoms to keep them stable. STURDY AND STABLE - Budgetizer hour glasses decorative sand timers are built to last.
  • Elegant Decor – Each 60 minute hourglass timer will embellish any home, office, coffee table, store or book shelf by providing a sophisticated touch in our classic colors; Ideal pomodoro timer for cooking, study, work, meditation, yoga, exercise routines and more
  • Perfect As Gift Set – Budgetizer hourglass decoration set serve as a thoughtful gift set for any occasion; We ensure that our hour glasses with sand 60 minutes timer will meet your expectations and offer returns no questions asked; If you have any issues with our sand timers for kids and adults contact us and we will ensure you have a positive experience