Coin Counters Tubes & Coin Sorters Tray – 5 Color-Coded Coin Sorting Tray and 5 Coin Counting Tubes - Bundle with 110-Count Assorted Coin Roll Wrappers for US Coins

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Wasting time sorting and counting coins? This magnificent bundle have everything you need since it includes 5 Coin-Sorting Trays and 5 Coin-Counting Tubes bundled with 110 Flat Coin Wrappers.

  • COIN SORTER TRAY – Bundle includes 5 color-coded coin sorter trays made with high quality plastic ready to last while sorting your coins; Just stack them, pour coins into trays and shake it; Budgetizer trays are color-coded according to ABA and Federal Reserve denomination standards so make it easy to put Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters and Dollar coins into coin wrappers; This bundle It’s simple and time saving
  • COIN COUNTING TUBES – This practical bundle includes 5 color-coded coin sorting tubes; Budgetizer coin-counting tubes are designed to hold U.S coins and easily transfer into wrappers; This makes the wrapping process a breeze; With the strategic design of the tubes to match the wrappers, you only have to insert the coin into tubes, drop coins, invert and then coins are counted and ready to seal
  • OUR BUNDLE INCLUDES COIN ROLL WRAPPERS – Budgetizer coin sorter and coin counter kit includes 110 assorted flat coin wrappers distribute by 25 penny wrappers, 25 nickel roll, 25 dime rolls, 25 quarters wrappers and 10 dollar rolls; We ensure that our paper rolls are made high quality kraft paper so coins rolls will be safe to deposit in any bank.
  • PRODUCT INFO – Bundle includes 5 coin sorting trays, 5 coin counter tubes and 110 coins roll wrappers. Tubes, trays and wrappers are color-coded according to ABA and Federal Reserve denomination standards. This is the perfect set to save time and to keep your budget on track!
  • WARRANTY INFORMATION – We ensure that our coin organizer bundle will meet your expectations; If for any reason, it doesn’t, we offer returns without questions asked; If you have any issues, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to ensure you have a positive experience