Coin Counter Sorter Money Tray - Blundle with 64 Coin Roll Wrappers – 6 Compartment Change Organizer and Holder -Blue Color- Ideal for Bank, Business or Home Use

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  • BUNDLE INCLUDES 64 COIN WRAPPERS – This unique blue coin counter bank includes 64 Coin Rolls Wrappers that are easy to use and will keep your coins safe; Our money wrappers are made with high quality heavy duty kraft paper and are distributed by 16 Quarters wrappers, 16 Dime wrappers, 16 Nickel roll and 16 Pennies rolls
  • 6 PRACTICAL COMPARTMENTS WITH SECURE LOCK COVER– Budgetizer’s money tray features clearly labeled coin containers for Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, Half Dollar Coins and Dollar Coins; Our coin sorter cash tray is also strategically designed and wrok as a coin holders to help you sort and count your coins to add up totals quickly
  • IDEAL FOR BUSINESSES AND INDIVIDUAL HOME USE – Our coin organizer is the ideal tool for bank tellers, businesses, restaurants, shops, homes, farmer markers, office and much more; Once you have filled your counting tray with all your change then you can use our coin wrappers to store your coins
  • LARGE CAPACITY COIN COUNTER TRAY – Budgetizer’s large coin holder allows you to hold up to 83 dollars and 25 cents! With our change counter you can store 100 Pennies, 75 Nickels, 110 Dimes, 80 Quarters, 25 Half Dollar Coins and 35 Dollar Coins. Make sure you never lose your coins again and have them organized at all times with our unique coin counters and sorters.
  • EASY TO COUNT AND WRAP -Budgetizer blue coin sorter tray is hand painted and clearly marked ; each line marked on the tray designates how many coins are needed to fill the included coin roll wrappers to convert you loose change into cash money . Budgetizer wrappers an ABA and Federal standard so you only need to take them to the bank.