Bath Bomb Kit Colorants Bags - 12 Pack Colors Soap Dye Colorant, 30 Shrink Wrap Bags and Mini Heat Sealer - Skin Safe Food Grade Soap Making Supplies for DIY Crafts Bath Bombs

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If you love making bath bombs, soaps, slime or DIY projects and are looking for bath bomb kits with everything in it.

  • 38 PIECE GREAT VALUE BATH BOMB SUPPLIES – Lolo Crafts bath bomb accessories set includes 25 Heat Shrink Bags (5.1 x 4.4 inches), 1 Purple Mini Heat Sealer and 12 Liquid Soap Colorants; We offer the ideal combo of bath bomb colorant to enhance your crafts and bath bomb packaging supplies to provide long-lasting protection; Once your masterpiece is done, the heat shrink wrap bags for bath bombs with mini bag sealer will ensure they look professionally packaged to make great bath bomb gift bags
  • EASY TO USE – Our bath bomb coloring dye is suitable even for beginners, simply shake the bottle and squeeze one drop at a time into desired base; Unlike mica powder, our soap coloring for bath bombs does not require any prep or mixing with polysorbate 80; Once your masterpiece is done, place it inside our shrink wrap bag, seal the open end using the included plastic bag sealer and use a heat gun or hair dryer to shrink it; Ensure your craft is under 5.1 x 4.4 inches for an ideal press seal wrap
  • SAFE, NON-TOXIC & PREMIUM QUALITY – Lolo Crafts bath bomb making kit for kids and adults is made with Food Grade, Non-Toxic, Baby Friendly, Skin Safe, Cruelty Free and Vegan materials that are free of any harsh chemicals; These water-soluble food coloring for bath bombs can be easily washed with water for a mess free experience; The heat seal bags and plastic sealer are also made with high quality materials that will withstand long term use and storage.
  • MULTIPURPOSE – Our make your own bath bomb kit includes coloring for bath bombs, slime, melt and pour soap bases, cold pressed soaps, playdoh, clay dough, bath salts, sugar scrubs and any DIY arts and crafts projects; The plastic shrink wrap packaging can be used as bath bomb shrink wrap bags, handmade soap packaging, essential oil wrappers, shrink wrap for candles and much more; Use the soap dyes for bath bombs individually or combined to create endless shades and exciting layered effects.
  • COST EFFECTIVE BATH BOMB MAKING SUPPLIES – Lolo Crafts soap kits for beginners offers the most economical set; Give homemade DIY projects or gifts a store-bought professional look by using our top quality bath bomb bags and mini sealer; We ensure that our make bath bombs kit for kids and adults will meet your expectations and offer returns without questions asked; If you have issues with our bath bomb ingredients kit, contact us and we will ensure you are satisfied while using our soap supplies.

Enjoy Lolo Crafts Bath Bombs Kits with Shrink Wrapping!

Each Soap Kit Includes:

  1. 12 Natural Soap Colorant Bottles in Lavender, Cherry, Tangerine, Rose, Jade, Blueberry, Chelsea, Grape, Kiwi, Walnut, Citron, Apple (0.34 fl oz each, 2.4” Tall)
  2. 25 visibly clear shrink wrap bags for bath bombs and any product packaging (5.1 x 4.4 inches)
  3. 1 Purple Shrink Wrap Heat Sealer for Plastic Bags (4 inches Long, 1.5 inches Wide and 1.75 inches Tall)

EASY TO USE COLORS FOR BATH BOMBS: Shake before each use and add 1 drop at a time. Keep the bottle closed and store in a cool, dry place. If used with MP soap, use pigment powder in addition to our water-soluble bath bomb dye in order to avoid color bleeding or fading. Take your soap making kits for beginners to the next level with these bath bombs bags to make cute bath bomb boxes for packaging

EASY TO USE SHRINK WRAP KIT: Place your desired craft inside the bath bags (The item must be under 5.1” x 4.4”). Seal the open end of the bag with the heat sealer for shrink wrap bags and cut the redundant part. Shrink the mini bath bomb wrap bags using a hair dryer or heat gun (preferred) waving it back and forth (don’t apply too much heat directly on the same area for too long). Starting at one end, heat the shrink wrap for soap until it is fully covered

SAFE, NON-TOXIC & PREMIUM QUALITY: Our DIY bath bomb kit for kids and adults is made with Food Grade, Non-Toxic, Baby Friendly, Skin Safe and Cruelty Free materials. Our bath bomb bags and shrink wrap sealer set does not tear when heated and will safeguard your crafts from moisture and potential damages

WARRANTY: We ensure that our color for bath bombs and soap wrapping supplies will meet your expectations and offer returns no questions asked