Aviano Chakra Stones & Tree Crystal Healing Collection - 24pcs - Raw & Tumbled Polished Stone Set - Lava Bracelet - Natural Amethyst Rose Quartz & More - Reference Guide - Balancing Chakras Reiki

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  • Crystals and Healing stones: This healing stones and crystals set contains seven raw crystals, one block of rose quartz, and seven polished gemstones for spiritual healing. Each crystal aligns with a different aspect of your chakra, aiding your internal wellbeing with the power of positive witchcraft.
  • Crystal Tree: Our crystal kit also features a tree adorned with real crystals, including amethyst, rose quartz, and more. This tree will radiate its healing powers, contributing to your spiritual therapy while also being a great piece of decoration for your household.
  • Lava Bracelet: Along with the chakra crystal collection, tree, and polished gemstones, this crystal kit also features a specially made lava bracelet. This piece of jewelry is adorned with lava stones, along with various crystals and gems to provide you with a healing accessory that you can wear on your wrist.
  • Reference Guide: This collection of healing crystals and chakra stones comes with a handy starter guide so you can better understand the effects of each stone. The guide illustrates the benefits of every crystal in the set, while also featuring some useful tips and information about the chakras.